Robin Mullarkey is an established London musician with an eclectic and accomplished musical history.



Here are some of the artists Robin has toured, recorded and written with in recent years

  • Jacob Collier – bassist in the band, currently featuring Pedro Martins and Spanky McCurdy
  • Anton Eger Band – upcoming project
  • Steven Wilson – bassist on the album “To The Bone”
  • José James – touring in September 2018
  • Natalie Williams – as bassist and producer for brilliant UK soul singer. Hear the new record “Kaleidoscope”
  • Leon Vynehall – Touring in 2018
  • Zero7 – playing bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitar, cello and double bass on the last world tour and also various tours and albums (When It Falls, The Garden, Yeah Ghost)
  • Eska Mtungwazi – featuring on Mercury nominated “English Skies”
  • Roisin Murphy – electric bass and keys on Roisin’s 08-09 tour as well as contributing to the LP (Overpowered) and on “Hairless Toys”
  • John Newman – bass on various hits from John’s debut album
  • Jessie Ware – Cellist on Mercury nominated LP Devotion
  • Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club – Regular bassist in house band at the infamous Soho jazz club
  • Bugz in the Attic – bass, keys, guitar and writing credits (Back In the Doghouse)
  • Ty – Long time bassist/collaborator with this legendary UK MC

Other recent work includes Jamie Cullum, John Newman, Lisa Lois, Janka Kirschner, Agnes Gosling, José James, Tawiah, Brendan Rogers, Lauren Pritchard, Divageek, Katie Melua, Nicole Scherzinger, Two Banks of Four, Nailah Porter, Nu-tone, 1Xtra-Marley tribute, Robbie Macintosh, Scott McKeon, Aloosh


  • Richard Spaven – The Self
  • Camilla George – The People Could Fly
  • Phil Peskett – TBC
  • Soul Family – RocketShip
  • Andrew McCormack – Graviton
  • Fini Bearman – Burn The Boat
  • Natalie Williams – Kaleidoscope
  • Brotherly – Find First Light
  • Chris Higginbottom – Where Land Ends
  • Natalie Williams – Stuck In The Middle and Where You Are LP (2013)


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  1. I enjoyed your video Just my imagination, What brand Bass is that your playing on.
    I’m playing a UBass…I’ve never owned a regular bass..yours sounds very much like what i’m looking for in a bass.

  2. Robin Vernay

    Hi Robin,
    I really like your album “One sweet life” and I just released a drum cover of System, trying to replicate the drums as much as I could which was a challenge. If you want to have a listen and tell me what you think that would be awesome.
    Here is the youtube link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXCN6_bvQ84

  3. Lya

    OMG just discovered your music! AMAZING!!! The track Raindown is so good! you used some Afro-Venezuelan influence on the paila and the groove right? its awesome the blend!
    Are you guys still playing around ??
    Kind Regards

    • Robin Mullarkey

      Hi. I’d actually been listening to a lot of west african music, but i wasn’t trying to make an authentic replication! Glad it sounds like a legitimate something!

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