Just My Imagination – new solo bass vid

This is just my improvisation over my all time fave Temptations track “Just My Imagination” using only my Lakland 44-51 and an old Boss RC2 looper pedal.

#RobMullarkey #solo #Bass #Lakland #44-51 #soul #Motown #Temptaions


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5 Responses to Just My Imagination – new solo bass vid

  1. Colin peters

    I’m Natalie brummie friend we spoke on phone
    Always love your playing brava Rob

  2. Yes Rob!!!! VIBES!!!

    What a beautiful way to ease into the day! I’m feeling better about what’s ahead… Thanks
    Cheers Mate! Hopefully catch you soon…


  3. Hey Rob,

    Love the new video…hopefully more to come.

    Best, MH

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