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  1. Hi Rob,

    Just heard a track we both played on for Oli Nezhati/Jules Hepple and thought bass sounded brilliant. I Also really like your brotherly music – it’s great John Riley is mentioning ‘system’ to his students. Hope to meet you in person soon.

    Dave Elliott

  2. Dear Mr Robin,

    This is Shreya. A vocalist and i’m from India. I am learning music from an institute called Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. Recently me and my friends have been surfing through a lot of music for a local gig where we got stuck with your music and we absolutely loved it. We all are planning and eager to cover your song System – Brotherly, where i am supposed to sing. I have tried everywhere for the lyrics of your song System but failed . Its just a kind request if you could kindly provide me with the words so that it gets easier for me to pick it up and make a killer cover. I’m just mesmerised with the grooves and melodies you have. I’ll keep you posted with the video .
    Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks a lot 🙂

    – Shreya

    1. Hi Shreya. thanks for the message!
      I don’t really have a transcript of the lyrics, but let me know which words you’re having trouble hearing and i’ll try to help


  3. Hi Rob
    You were recommended by Wild a Guitars Highgate as I was asking for some jazz bass inspiration!
    I play the cello but love jazz so my instrument doesn’t bend easily from
    I bought bass guitar and really want to get going on it.
    I only want to play jazz so want someone to get me on the right track.
    Can I pop to the Woodman tonight and meet/ hear you?

  4. Robin,

    I just discovered Brotherly; whatever happened to the group?

    Also, how do you get so many gigs? (beside being talented and professional)


    Jack M. (NYC)

    1. Hi. Thanks for the message. We disbanded a few years ago, but at least the 2 LPs are still available for all to hear! As for gig getting, it just takes time mate. I found it v difficult for my first few years in London. Keep it up

  5. It was such a pleasure seeing and hearing you with Hamish Stuart last night, Robin! You are a great player. I wish you a long and successful career.
    Best wishes,
    Martin Elliott

  6. Hi Robin I’ve just discovered you via the ‘Eleanor Rigby’ SoundCloud excerpt which is one of the best things I’ve heard all year! (I play bass too and your playing here is just obscene!) – hopefully I can catch a live gig soon.

    Jon (London)

    1. This is awkward – it wasn’t you playing bass on that clip, it was just shared by you… oops.

  7. Hi Mark,
    I have the recent Maida Vale sessions on repeat, absolutely nuts! Also the Blackbird cover you did over Bobby Mcferrin as a transcription/accompaniment is awesome and has got me working a similar thing into my practice (working on accompaniment that compliments the track that has little or none). I Left College about 3 years ago and have recently been looking for someone who’s playing which I really aspire towards. Basically I am wondering if you do any teaching at all and if you do what your availability is!
    Anyway, thanks for reading this.
    Looking forward to hearing more of what you do!

    1. Hi Bart
      Thanks for the message. Really appreciate your interest. I’m afraid i have stopped teaching to concentrate on more playing. Maybe someday in the future. I’m up for a chat tho. Maybe see you at a gig somewhere…

  8. Dear Robin,

    Just wanted to thank you for existing and being so creative and unique.

    The music of Brotherly has been such a strong influence and source of inspiration. The shared love for your music has connected me and my producer, which has evolved to great collaboration.
    We would really appreciate your feedback, if you have the time:

    Greetings from NYC,


    1. Hi aleksandra. I enjoyed that! I can definitely hear some brotherly influence, which is very flattering. Hope to see more.

    1. Hi Tommy. That’s a great sentiment! I actually don’t know the answer so i guess just whatever is easiest for you. PS the album with System on is called One Sweet Life. Thanks R

  9. Hi Robin. My name is Ranjit Barot, I’m based out of Bombay, India. I am the on stage Musical director for Oscar winning composer AR Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) and hold the drum chair for one of the greatest guitar players of all time Mr. John McLaughlin. I love your work and I’d like to connect with you regarding some production work maybe and also explore the option of bringing you to India to perform at a club in about to open in a couple of months along with some other people. My details are below. Do revert at your earliest. Peace.

  10. Hi Robin. I’ve sent a mail and some tracks to the email ID you provided. I hope you’ve received them.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Hi. Robin, I am wondering if I could get a transcription of System. I am currently using this for my final ensemble exam. With myself being a drummer I find that this is a very challenging piece to perform but it’s been a goal of mine to at least get it into my repertoire.

    Also I have been wanting to go down the Neo Soul/Jazz Fusion road for a while, but feel that my composing skills are still in development. Are there any words of advice you could give?

  12. Hi Robin, met Richard ( Spaven ) in Cologne last week … made me think of you. Hope all is well
    Let me know if and when you´re coming to Germany … would be nice to meet up
    C u

    1. Hey Volker! How’s things? Whereabouts are you? I go to Berlin fairly often plus some other random gigs

  13. Hi Robin. My name is Akshat and i’m based out of Delhi, India. I’m a huge fan of your work and as a bass player you have been nothing short of an inspiration. I wanted to ask you if ever went to a music school and if so which one?
    Also on a completely unrelated note I would love for you to check out my band High Time (
    I know its way beyond for me to ask but it would be an honour for us to do something with you, maybe production? Please let me know if you’re interested at all, really look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hey Akshat. Thanks for that! I went to Leeds college of music and also Guildhall in London.
      The band sounds great. Lots of energy! I’m not really doing production right now. but thanks for asking. See you sometime -R

  14. Hi Robin,

    Discovered your playing a few months ago and I’m a big fan – I love the fluidity of your ideas and phrasing! I was wondering if you do 1-on-1 lessons at all? I’m based in Brighton but would be happy to travel.


    1. Hey. Thanks for the comment. I’m kinda taking a few months off from teaching. Try me again before the year’s out and i might have changed my mind… See you around R

  15. Hi Robin,

    Just want to say thank you for making super tight and inspiring music. Listened to System and came to know about you, and man what a killer track! Want to cover it sometime for sure 😉 Raindown was also really good!

    The One Sweet Life album is one of my favorites now, its a shame that Brotherly disbanded. Hoping to see you in Mumbai sometime….

    Love from Mumbai, India.
    Aditya Jayakar

  16. Robin, what are you up to these days musically? I want to go to one of your gigs, really dig your stuff from Brotherly onwards, let us all know what’s cooking and where and how to get a taste!

  17. Hi Robin, I love Put It Out! Can I have permission to use it in a homemade dance video? Or should I purchase a license– if so, how?

  18. Was at 606 last night to see Royal Scammers. What a great evening! Rock solid and wonderful tone Robin. Loved it.
    Good luck tonight!

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