I’ve been a bit slack on the old blog lately, so i had a rummage through my diary to remind myself what i’ve actually been up to this year. I didn’t really tour as such, which has not happened for 10 years, but that meant that i got to keep things interesting and varied whilst barely leaving this amazing city


At the minute i’m working hard on mixing 2 great LPs at my shared studio in Hoxton


Natalie Williams forthcoming LP: bass, mixing, co-producing. Band features Tom Cawley, Al Cherry, Ben Reynolds and Phil Peskett

Chris Higginbottom “Where Land Ends”: Bass, mixing, (tape-op!). The line-up for this is Chris, myself, Tom Cawley and Mike Outram


Other recording sessions this year included Valentina, Tawiah (with Razorlight’s Andy Burrows), Cat ShellJosé James, Wretch 32, Dionne BromfieldBrendan RogersNu-tone, Stuart McCallumScott McKeon/Ben Jones/Robbie Macintosh and Nina Ferro


…whilst on stage i was working with Natalie Williams, Jamie Cullum, Derren Brown!, Nicole Scherzinger, Lauren Pritchard, Spavens 5, José James, Mark De Clive Lowe, Stuart McCallum, and Nailah Porter, but most excitingly playing with Eska‘s various incarnations of her “English Skies” project


It was also the year that i began playing cello after a 15 yr hiatus, making appearances with Neil Cowley Trio, Nerina Pallot and Kathrin Jenkins and Aloosh

Neil Cowley – Rooster was a Witness


My own band Brotherly is featured heavily in the new Modern drummer DVD as John riley dissects the intricate rhythms of “System”


Natalie Williams’ Soul Family band wrapped up the year with a week long residency at Ronnie Scotts playing my dream gig of entirely Motown music



So, not bad really….



In 2012 look out for my new project Sometimes, Always, Never with singer Marie Dählstrom. We’re working on an EP in the coming months


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